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Convenient, Secure Private Mailboxes

Keep your mail safe and your residential address private with one of our mailboxes. Contact The Postal Depot to rent a mailbox today.


Rent a Private Mailbox

There are so many reasons why you’d want to rent a private mailbox at The Postal Depot!  Are you a world traveler who wants to be sure your mail and packages are safe and secure in one location?  Do you have more than one home or travel for weeks at a time, in your RV or for your work, and want security and consistency in where your mail and packages are delivered?  Do you want a secure, temperature-controlled location for delivery of your wine or medications? Or do you just want the freedom to live your life in or away from your home, knowing that The Postal Depot will always be there to receive your mail and packages so they won’t be left unsecured on your porch or in your mailbox?  The Postal Depot is here for you! Contact us to see how we can help you make living your life a little bit more care free.

How many services do you need?  You can choose our Basic Service bundle or our Premium Service bundle.

Basic Service includes all of the following:

1-3 Names on Mailbox

Certified Mail Notification

Call-In Mail Check

Package Notification (upon request)

Package Storage (up to 6 business days without accruing additional fees)

Premium Service includes all of the following:

4-8 Names on Mailbox

Certified Mail Notification

Call-In Mail Check

Package Notification (upon request)

Overflow Mail Service and Storage

Flexible Package Storage Service

Red Folder Service (if desired)

Please complete both forms below.  Each adult who will be receiving mail in your private mailbox must sign the USPS Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent (PS Form 1583) in front of a notary public if you are not able to come into our office to sign in front of one of us.  If you are signing in front of a notary, each adult must also ask the notary for a certified copy of two forms of identification that are deemed acceptable by the United States Postal Service. Acceptable identification is listed on this form, under Box 8 and boxes a. and b.

If you are completing the application process outside our office, please send your original, completed and notarized document to us at

316 California Avenue

Reno, NV  89509

We will contact you after we've received and reviewed your documents to complete the application process and assign your mailbox number.

Mail Forwarding

With our mail forwarding service, your mail will follow you wherever you go. Our team will send any mail that arrives for you to any address that you request — or we can hold it for you until you get back. Ask about our "red folder service" and find out how convenient it can be. Fees range from $5 to $10 per service.